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Learn your way with One to One Training and Support.

One to One Training will help you do more than you ever thought possible with your Pc. First, we’ll set up your email, transfer your photos, music and other files, and show you how to keep everything in sync with Cloud storage. Then, we’ll work with you to create a curriculum tailored to your goals, learning style and experience level.


Personal Training

Get up to a full hour of uninterrupted time to work one-on-one with a Trainer on the topic of your choice.

Group Training

Learn and share ideas in a small group with other G-tec members about topics like making a movie or a photo book.

Open Training

Work individually on whatever project you can dream up, with a Trainer available to answer questions.

One to One Session Topics

As a G-tec member, you’ll be able to attend sessions on a wide range of topics


Why would I book a one to one?

The fact is there are numerous public scheduled courses out there on which you could book yourself a place. You attend a class of a mixed group of people, (possibly) from all walks of life which can be fun, of course.

Let’s say you book yourself onto an intro level Excel course. You have used the application before but know that there are gaps in your knowledge and don’t feel you’d quite manage the intermediate level yet although you are a fast learner. Your class starts and you realise that there is quite a varying degree of levels of ability amongst the 8-10 or so candidates in your group, many of whom don’t seem to have used the application much before at all.

Usually, quite a patient person, you find that you are covering ground that you already know, the pace of the class seemingly being determined by the slowest of the bunch…and you’re glancing at your watch wondering how much time is going to be left to attack the meatier bits that you require so badly.

1-1 training is individualised. It is tailored to your specific requirements so obviously eradicates any waste in your training day.

Before your course, you would have completed a training needs analysis form which gives you and your trainer a starting point. From there, the material and pace at which you cover it is all determined by you. There is no limit to how bespoke your day might be, too. Many of our clients choose to take elements from different Microsoft applications and customise the day, optimising their time with the trainer (All our trainers teach MS applications to all levels). As you are the only pupil in your class, you can go ahead and get creative to your hearts desire! The trainer will give you guidance prior to the course to ensure that your mix of topics and required levels of competence are possible within the allocated time.

We charge £250 (excl VAT) per day for all our 1-1 training and whatever application or level, the rate remains the same.
We have a no-quibble policy. You don’t pay before the course takes place and if you’re not happy with the training you’ve received, you don’t pay.
Moreover we will offer to run the course for you again (free of charge) if this is acceptable to you.

Your 1-1 training will all be about teamwork and we will require some ‘pre-course’ work from you too. Anything you can send us in advance to help us to tailor your course will only enhance your learning experience. Perhaps you have samples of the types of Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint templates you use in the workplace? Forward these ahead of the course if you can, or even bring them with you on the day. If you want to chat about your required learning outcomes, our trainers are more than happy to phone you and discuss tailoring.

Our trainers will always give you professional sound advice that stems from concern for the best learning outcome rather than simply taking the easy option – always saying yes to the client. If a client suggests a programme that we feel is not suitable, we will be honest and suggest something more workable, still as close as possible of course to your original idea. Ultimately, you will make the final decisions but we will do everything to make sure you get your money’s worth whether you like it or not!

Where would you like to be trained?

If you would prefer to get away from the office, you’re welcome to come to our fully equipped centre in Devon, a truly relaxed environment to train in.
Or if you would prefer, we can send a trainer to you for exactly the same price if you are within the Devon area (outside this area, travel costs and sometimes accommodation costs incur).

It is not necessary for you to have a fully equipped training room at your disposal. A quite area/room will do nicely.
The trainer can bring a laptop with them if required or if work commitments demand, the two of you could sit alongside each other at your pc. The choice really is yours.

After your course, we don’t just forget about you.
You are free to contact us at any time if you are having problems with an application, and a trainer will be happy to assist. If there is no trainer on duty at the centre when you phone/email, someone will get back to you asap.

Just as public scheduled courses aren’t for everyone, our 1-1 training will not be for everyone either. It certainly won’t be for you if you don’t like the idea of a enthusiastic trainer focusing their attention 100% on you all day and pushing you to develop your ability as much as possible in the time allowed.

We structure your training around your needs and we deliver your training the way you choose. You can choose from One-to-One Remotely, or One-to-One Onsite. With the aid of their specialist knowledge, we aim to help you learn how to use your software, giving you the confidence to use it to its full potential.

By completing One-to-One training you also get access to the Resource Library. Explore more about the innovative ways in which you can learn to use your software by investigating which you would prefer:


Looking forward to working with you . The G-tec Training Team

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